2008   South Korea Iri
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Director:Lu Zhang
Writer:Sung-tai Kim, Lu Zhang
IMDb Rating:6.4 (71 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:108 min
Lu Zhang  ...  (Director)
Sung-tai Kim, Lu Zhang  ...  (Writer)
Jin-seo Yun  ...  Jin-seo
Tae-woong Eom  ...  Tae-woong
Sung-tai Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Jin-seo Yoon  ...  Jin-seo
Summary: In 1977, a tragic train station explosion in Iri killed hundreds of people and destroyed much of the city. Thirty years later, Iri is now Iksan, and no one seems to remember the city's past, but the scars still remain. Jin Suh (Yoon Jin Suh) was born mentally impaired because her mother was injured by the explosion when she was pregnant with her. Because of Jin Suh's naivete, men often try to take advantage of her. Her brother tries his hardest, though often in vain, to protect and support her as they eke out a tough living in the city of Iri now known as Iksan. Chinese director Zhang Lu, who previously won acclaim for his featureDesert Dream (a.k.a Hyazgar), originally intended to make one film about two cities, one in Korea and one in China. In the end, he made two separate yet related films - Chongqing and Iri - about the hardships and struggles faced by everyday people in these two cities. Popular actors Yoon Jin Suh (Someone Behind You) and Uhm Tae Woong (Forever the Moment) star in the Korean chapter Iri which revolves around a brother and sister struggle for self and survival in a city haunted by its tragic past.

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