Oldeumiseu Daieori geukjang-pan   2006   South Korea Old Miss Diary
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Director:Seok-yun Kim
Studio:Generation Blue Films
Writer:Ji-seon Kim, Su-jin Kim, Yong-geun Lee, Hae-yeong Park
IMDb Rating:6.5 (66 votes)
Awards:3 nominations
Duration:108 min
Seok-yun Kim  ...  (Director)
Ji-seon Kim, Su-jin Kim, Yong-geun Lee, Hae-yeong Park  ...  (Writer)
Ji-won Ye  ...  Choi Mi-ja
Hyun-wu Ji  ...  
Dong-jik Jang  ...  
Hye-ok Kim  ...  
Ji-yeong Kim  ...  
Yeong-ok Kim  ...  
Hyeon-shik Lim  ...  
Yun-a Oh  ...  
Seung-hyeon Seo  ...  
Hyeon Woo  ...  
Byung-hoon Lee  ...  Composer
Jin-ho Jeong  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Mi-Ja is a 32 years old spinster. She lives with her grandmother and her grandmother’s two sisters. There’s also a widowed uncle that lives in their home as well his never before married son.

Mija’s chance for success finally arrives when she is hired as a voice-over artist for a Japanese horror movie that is being re-released in Korea. While working as a dubbing artist, she quickly falls in love with Ji-Hyun, the notoriously mean producer that is overseeing their project.

While Ji-Hyun doesn’t give the slightest hint that he is even remotely interested in her, Mija still feels that there is a special type of chemistry that exists between them. Because of this, Mija decides to follow her instincts to find true love, even if it means making a total embarrassment out of herself. Making things more difficult for Mija is the fact that her former boyfriend and his new girlfriend also work at the same studio.

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