Geuk jang jeon   2005   South Korea, France Tale of Cinema
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Director:Sang-soo Hong
Studio:Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC)
Writer:Sang-soo Hong
IMDb Rating:6.8 (394 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:89 min
Sang-soo Hong  ...  (Director)
Sang-soo Hong  ...  (Writer)
Sang-kyung Kim  ...  Kim Dong-soo
Ji-won Uhm  ...  Choi Young-shil
Ki-woo Lee  ...  Jeon Sang-won
Kyung-jin Lee  ...  
Myoeng-su Kim  ...  
Han-Cheol Jo  ...  
Seung-ah Lee  ...  
Moo-Seong Choi  ...  
Bo-Kwang Choi  ...  
Joong-hyeon Bang  ...  
Moonsu Bang  ...  
Seong-Yong Kye  ...  
Yong-jin Jeong  ...  Composer
Hyung-ku Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Young-rho Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Sung-won Ham  ...  Editor
Comments: This film really pissed me off it was so bad. "Woman on the Beach" is the only time Hong's approach of precious nothingness worked. Being coy and not sharing anything interesting about characters doesn't make a good film ... I don't care how 'auteurish' it's supposed to be. Fuck, I feel like I've been slimed, like I should apologize for having watched this piece of shit. Ya know, "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." It's one of those moments.

This film is bullshit. It's as if not meaning anything will suggest a grand mystery we're to discover because there must be a reason. Get it? It's not interesting (and not immediately obvious) that the first half of the film isn't really part of the film but is the 'film' the second half of the film references. Big deal. It wasn't good as film, or as a film within a film. Ji-won Uhm is good, but her character is flat, something I'm sure was "directed." I'm calling out Sang-soo Hong as a phony. Three of the four films I seen by him have been empty, flat, and boring.

Summary: In Seoul, the paths of two men and one woman intersect and move apart from one another, centering around their love for cinema. A suicidal student meets a young woman who decides to follow him in his fatal gesture. Coming out of a cinema, Tongsu, an unsuccessful filmmaker, spots a beautiful young woman, and recognizes her : she is the main actress in the film he has just seen. The life of this wavering and distressed young man strangely echoes the one of the young man from the beginning...

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