Not sool   2008   South Korea Daytime Drinking
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Director:Young-Seok Noh
Writer:Young-Seok Noh
IMDb Rating:6.5 (318 votes)
Awards:2 wins
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Duration:116 min
Young-Seok Noh  ...  (Director)
Young-Seok Noh  ...  (Writer)
Sam-dong Song  ...  Hyuk-jin
Sang-yeop Yuk  ...  Ki-sang
Kang-hee Kim  ...  Girl next door
Seong-joon Tak  ...  Boy next door
Lan-hee Lee  ...  Lan-hee
Woon-seob Shin  ...  Truck Driver
Soo-an Yoon  ...  First pension owner
Kyung-ho Yoon  ...  Friend 1
Do-hee Lee  ...  Friend 2
Ka-on Kim  ...  Pretty girl
Kyung-mi Choi  ...  Passenger at bus
Yeun-sim Hwang  ...  Ticket Seller
Jeung-kyu Kim  ...  Bus Driver
Kuy-nyo Lee  ...  Supermarket Owner
Seung-yeon Lee  ...  Real pension owner
Young-Seok Noh  ...  Composer
Comments: I got tired of watching actors play drunk a long time ago so I avoided this, but again, thanks to the persistence of the members of this forum I indulged. Glad I did. Well edited in both writing and camerawork. Funny and peculiar. Could have lopped off a bit of the ending, tho.

Summary: Hyuk-Jin has just broken up with his girlfriend and decides to take a trip to Jeongseon in the province of Gangwon-do. The next day, his friends are too hung over to get up, so Hyuk-Jin makes his way to his destination alone. A trip of opportunity takes a cruel and unexpected turn as misunderstanding and crossed paths occur over and over again.

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