Ane-eui aein-eul mannada   2006   South Korea Driving with my Wife's Lover
Driving with my Wife's Lover Image Cover
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Director:Tai-sik Kim
Studio:Film Line
Writer:Jun-han Kim, Tai-sik Kim
IMDb Rating:6.8 (209 votes)
Awards:2 wins & 3 nominations
Duration:92 min
Tai-sik Kim  ...  (Director)
Jun-han Kim, Tai-sik Kim  ...  (Writer)
Kwang-jung Park  ...  Tae-han
Bo-seok Jeong  ...  Joong-sik
Eun-ji Jo  ...  So-ok
Sung-mi Kim  ...  Eun-soo
Dal-su Oh  ...  Taixi driver - Deja-vu
Yun-soo Yoo  ...  Karaoke manager
Chul Park  ...  Radio commentator
Mi-sun Jin  ...  Yakultwoman
Hyo-jeong Kim  ...  Modiliani
Michael Frederick Arnold  ...  Cyclist
Yoo-jung Woo  ...  Cafe girl 1
Eun-mi Lee  ...  Cafe girl 2
Ju-chul Jang  ...  Repairman
Kyung-eui Lee  ...  Student
Sang-wuk Shim  ...  Photographer
Yong-jin Jeong  ...  Composer
Sun-bong Jang  ...  Cinematographer
Sung-won Ham  ...  Editor
Comments: A loosely made film without a lot of depth but fun nevertheless, with good performances.

Summary: Tae-han(Park, Kwang-jung) runs a small stamp shop in a small town. One day finding out that his wife is having an affair, he decides to witness his wife's infidelity before his eyes. Knowing that his wife's lover, Joong-sik(Jeong, Bo-seok), is a taxi driver, he goes to Seoul, intentionally gets Joong-sik's cab and asks for a long-distance drive. They encounter various situations; sometimes fighting, sometimes sharing excitements.

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