Hwal   2005   South Korea The Bow
The Bow Image Cover
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Director:Ki-duk Kim
Studio:Alive - Vertrieb und Marketing/DVD
Writer:Owsley Brown
IMDb Rating:7.1 (4,967 votes)
Awards:2 wins
Duration:86 min
Ki-duk Kim  ...  (Director)
Owsley Brown  ...  (Writer)
Jeon Sung-Hwan  ...  
Han Yeo-Reum  ...  
Seo Ji-Seok  ...  
Yeo-reum Han  ...  The young girl (as Han Yeo-reum)
Si-jeok Seo  ...  The student
Gook-hwan Jeon  ...  The student's father
Seong-hwang Jeon  ...  Old Man (no name)
Seok-hyeon Jo  ...  Third Man
Seong-back Jang  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: On a fishing boat at sea, a 60-year old man has been raising a girl since she was a baby. It is agreed that they will get married on her 17th birthday, and she is 16 now. They live a quiet and secluded life, renting the boat to day fishermen and practicing strange divination rites. Their life changes when a teenage student comes aboard...

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