2000   South Korea Bongja
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Director:Cheol-su Park
Studio:Next Films
Writer:Jeon-han Kim
IMDb Rating:6.6 (27 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Duration:92 min
Location:South Korea: Daejeon
Cheol-su Park  ...  (Director)
Jeon-han Kim  ...  (Writer)
Kap-suk Seo  ...  Park Bong-ja
Jin-ah Kim  ...  
Il-woo Kim  ...  
Dae-woong Choi  ...  
Kyeong-jin Min  ...  
Young-yi Lee  ...  
Yun-mi Kim  ...  
Ju-ryong Kim  ...  
Dong-kwan Cho  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Good start but it wears out about half way through. "Indie quirk" relies on the actor keeping up the charisma but here it turns into "acting" ... especially in the last 5-minute-crying-scene. There were no tears and they looked like two actors acting crying. Kap-suk Seo is impressive but didn't have staying power.

Summary: Bong-ja is perfectly happy in her monotonous life of making and selling seaweed rolls near a train station. However, when a free spirited teenage girl enters her life and takes over her home, Bong-ja begins to feel the stirrings of love as disaster brews

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