Gwoemul   2006   South Korea The Host
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Director:Joon-ho Bong
Writer:Joon-ho Bong, Won-jun Ha, Chul-hyun Baek
IMDb Rating:7.1 (32,877 votes)
Awards:18 wins & 11 nominations
Genre:Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Duration:120 min
Joon-ho Bong  ...  (Director)
Joon-ho Bong, Won-jun Ha, Chul-hyun Baek  ...  (Writer)
Kang-ho Song  ...  Park Gang-Doo
Hie-bong Byeon  ...  Park Hie-bong
Hae-il Park  ...  Park Nam-il
Doona Bae  ...  Park Nam-Joo
Ah-sung Ko  ...  Park Hyun-seo
David Joseph Anselmo  ...  Donald
Martin Lord Cayce  ...  U.S. Senator
Cristen Cho  ...  
Philip Hersh  ...  Additional Voices
Paul Lazar  ...  US Doctor trying to operate Gang-Du
Brian Lee  ...  
Clinton Morgan  ...  Agent Yellow
Dal-su Oh  ...  The Monster
No-shik Park  ...  
Brian Rhee  ...  Young Korean Doctor
Byung-woo Lee  ...  Composer
Hyung-ku Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Sun-min Kim  ...  Editor
Comments: Good Monster, great humor, excellent drama (if a bit over the top, typical Korean style which morphed it into comedy), decent story, politics. This movie was fun fun fun. It is a well done homage to monster flicks of the way past. Best line in the film is by the little girl as she watches the monster regurgitate bodies for consumption at a later time into the sewer where she is trapped: "I hope one of these guys has a working cell phone." Priceless.

Summary: On 09 February 2000, the American military base of Yongson releases toxic chemicals in the drain to the Han River under the direct order of an arrogant coroner. Six years later, a mutant squid monster leaves the water and attacks people on the side of the river. The teenager Park Hyun-seo is carried by the creature and vanishes in the river. While grieving her loss, her slow father Park Gang-du; her grandfather and owner of a bar-kiosk nearby the river Park Hie-bong; her aunt and archery medalist Park Nam-Joo; and her graduated unemployed uncle Park Nam-il are sent by the army with all the people that had some sort of contact with the monster to quarantine in a facility. During the night, Gang-du receives a phone call from Hyun-seo telling that she is alive in a big sewage nearby the river. Gang-du tell the militaries but nobody believes on his words, saying that he is delusional due to the shock of his loss. The Park family joins forces trying to find Hyun-seo and rescue her.

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