Noksaek uija   2005   South Korea Green Chair
Green Chair Image Cover
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Director:Cheol-su Park
Writer:Jun-han Kim, Chul-soo Park
IMDb Rating:6.6 (449 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:103 min
Cheol-su Park  ...  (Director)
Jun-han Kim, Chul-soo Park  ...  (Writer)
Jung Suh  ...  Kim Mun-hee
Ji-ho Shim  ...  Seo-hyun
Yun-hong Oh  ...  Su-jin
Jeon-han Kim  ...  Journalist
Eun-gil Lee  ...  Cinematographer
Wook-hyeon Seon  ...  
Summary: A 32-year woman has just been released from jail on charges of sex with a minor, who is one month away from being legal. She's eager to write off his love as a youthful mistake. He's eager to protect his newly-freed girlfriend from a world that doesn't want to accept them. But does either one of them really know what they want? And more importantly, do they have anything in common besides sex?

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