Nae sa-rang nae gyeol-ae   2009   South Korea Closer to Heaven
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Director:Jin-pyo Park
Studio:CJ Entertainment
Writer:Jin-pyo Park
IMDb Rating:7.0 (80 votes)
Awards:2 wins
Genre:Romance, Drama
Duration:121 min
Jin-pyo Park  ...  (Director)
Jin-pyo Park  ...  (Writer)
Ji-won Ha  ...  Lee Ji-soo
Myung-min Kim  ...  Baek Jong-woo
Neung-mi Nam  ...  Joo Ok-yeon
Ha-ryong Lim  ...  Park Geun-sook
Jong-ryol Choi  ...  Joo Ok-yeon's husband
Yo-han Choi  ...  
Jong-yun Lim  ...  
Hyo-rim Seo  ...  
Chi-yeong Shin  ...  
Ga-in Son  ...  
Ki-hun Kim  ...  Composer
Tae-kyung Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Kyung-hwa Kang  ...  Editor
Comments: Quite the touching melodrama with just the right amount of restraint given the nature of the story. Ji-won Ha is as lovely as ever but Myeong-min Kim hits one out of the park as a guy suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease.

Summary: Ji-soo, a funeral director, happens to oversee the funeral services of Jong-woo’s deceased mother. Being old friends, they are excited by the unexpected reunion, but the reality is more bitter than sweet. Jong-woo is suffering from the incurable Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Ji-soo has been through two painful divorces. Jong-woo lightheartedly asks Ji-soo to just marry him. Ji-soo is surprised by the offer, but it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to her. She wants to start a new life with the love that is starting to grow inside her, while the fear of losing Jong-woo scares her as well. despite the disapproval of those around her, Ji-soo still goes through with the marriage to Jong-woo. As Jong-woo’s symptoms beginning to worsen with each passing day, Jong-woo gets easily irritable as he begins to lose control over more and more parts of his body. Even though he hurts Ji-soo’s feelings, all she wants is to stay with him and cure his disease.

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