Soom   2010   South Korea Elbowroom
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Director:Kyoung-Rock Ham
Writer:Kyoung-Rock Ham
IMDb Rating:6.6 (19 votes)
Duration:106 min
Kyoung-Rock Ham  ...  (Director)
Kyoung-Rock Ham  ...  (Writer)
Seok-yeon Hong  ...  
Ji-won Park  ...  
Yeon-Sook Shin  ...  
Jung Soon Choi  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: When Su-Hee (Park Ji-Won) was 5-years-old she was abandoned by her mother and left to live in a Christian run institution for the disabled. Su-Hee is physically disabled. She has lived in the institution all her life and is now a young adult. Su-Hee meets a man named Min-Soo who also lives in the institution and is disabled. They shared a close bond and fall in love. Su-Hee and Min-Soo have their own secret room where they spend time together. The couple also have sex there.

One day In the bathroom, a volunteer notices Su-Hee's swollen stomach and realizes she is pregnant. Everything will change for Su-Hee. Welfare authorities assume Su-Hee was raped and she is taken away to live in another shelter for young women. Su-Hee feels uncomfortable surrounded by non-disabled teens and feels loneliness ...

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