Yeobaeudeul   2009   South Korea Actresses
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Director:Je-yong Lee
IMDb Rating:7.2 (106 votes)
Genre:Drama, Reality
Duration:104 min
Je-yong Lee  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Min-hie Kim  ...  Herself
Ok-bin Kim  ...  Herself
Mi-sook Lee  ...  Herself
Yeo-jeong Yoon  ...  Herself
Hyun-jung Go  ...  Herself
Ji-woo Choi  ...  Herself
Ji-ah Lee  ...  Herself
Ji-hye Ahn  ...  Ji-wu's manager
Hye-rang Bae  ...  Make up team
Jae-ho Baek  ...  Hair assistant
Li-rang Im  ...  Coordinator assistant
Jae-won Jeong  ...  Singing youth
Yun-gi Jeong  ...  Yun-gi
Gwi-ae Kim  ...  Hair team
Jeong-han Kim  ...  Section chief Kim
Mi-yeong Kim  ...  Studio staff
Nu-ri Kim  ...  Vogue team
Comments: The juicy parts of this reality TV kind of thing are good but there's not enough of them. Yeo-jeong Yoon, Mi-sook Lee, Hyeon-jeong Ko, Ji-woo Choi, Min-hee Kim, Ok-bin Kim. I mean, come on.

Summary: Director E J-yong mixes reality and fiction by bringing together top actresses to play themselves onscreen. It's Christmas Eve, and six actresses ranging from their 20s to 60s, including Choi Ji-woo and Kim Ok-vin, come together for a photo shoot for Vogue magazine. Trouble ensues as the women, each used to basking alone in the spotlight, must get along with one another, from choosing dresses to addressing personal issues such as divorce.

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