Pong   1986   South Korea Mulberry
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Director:Doo-yong Lee
Studio:Taehung Pictures
Writer:Do-hyang Na, Sam-yuk Yoon
IMDb Rating:6.1 (36 votes)
Awards:1 win
Duration:114 min
Location:South Korea
Doo-yong Lee  ...  (Director)
Do-hyang Na, Sam-yuk Yoon  ...  (Writer)
Hyun-chae Son  ...  Cinematographer
Mi-suk Lee  ...  
Dae-kun Lee  ...  
Mu-jeong Lee  ...  
Summary: Sam-po is a gambler living without concern for how his wife will manage their houselhold without his earning money. In order to get food and provisions, his wife An-hyeob, sleeps with various merchants in the village. One of the few men she does not sleep with, a lustful servant named Sam-dol, decides to reveal her activities to her husband for revenge.

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