2010   South Korea Ha ha ha
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Director:Sang-soo Hong
Writer:Sang-soo Hong
IMDb Rating:7.0 (281 votes)
Awards:1 win
Duration:115 min
Location:South Korea: Tongyeong
Sang-soo Hong  ...  (Director)
Sang-soo Hong  ...  (Writer)
So-ri Moon  ...  Wang Seong-ok
Sang-kyung Kim  ...  Jo Moon-kyeong
Kang-woo Kim  ...  Kang Jeong-ho
Ju-bong Gi  ...  Tong-yeong
Min-sun Kim  ...  No Jeong-hwa
Jun-Sang Yu  ...  Bang Joong-sik
Ji-won Ye  ...  Ahn Yeon-joo
Yeo-jeong Yoon  ...  Moon-kyeong's mother
Yeong-ho Kim  ...  General Lee Soon-shin
Gyu-ri Kim  ...  No Jeong-hwa
Comments: This strikes me as boofy Hong. Brutal and cringe. Fix your hair, wring your hands and try to change the subject in an incompetent but honest and illuminating way

I'm not a big Hong fan but the cast of this gave me an entry point and it paid off

Let me give you a piggyback ride and I'll leave without a fuss


Summary: Filmmaker Jo Moon-kyeong plans to leave Seoul to live in Canada. So days before his departure, he meets his close friend BANG Joong-sik who is a film critic, at a nearby mountain to drink ‘makgeolli’ a Korean traditional alcoholic beverage made from rice. After a few rounds, they find out that coincidentally, they have both been to the same small seaside town, Tongyeong recently. They decide to reveal their accounts of the trip over drinks, under the condition that they only stick to pleasant memories. Not realizing that they were in the same place, at the same time, and with the same people, the two men’s reminiscence of a hot summer unfolds like a catalogue of memories.

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