Sayonara itsuka   2010   South Korea Saying Goodbye, One Day
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Director:John H. Lee
Studio:CJ Entertainment
Writer:Jinsei Tsuji, John H. Lee, Shinho Lee, Man-Hee Lee
IMDb Rating:6.8 (105 votes)
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:133 min
Location:Bangkok; New York City; Seoul
John H. Lee  ...  (Director)
Jinsei Tsuji, John H. Lee, Shinho Lee, Man-Hee Lee  ...  (Writer)
Miho Nakayama  ...  Toko
Hidetoshi Nishijima  ...  Yutaka
Yuriko Ishida  ...  Mitsuko
Chaiwat Ajwichai  ...  Suthep's Band: Guitar
Bas  ...  Child Monk
Martin Lord Cayce  ...  Foreign CEO
Christophe Deschamps  ...  Young Elvis
David Firestar  ...  Buisness man
Erich Fleshman  ...  First baseman
Takashi Hasegawa  ...  EA Employee
Caitlin Hass  ...  Hot Girl #2
Takehiro Hira  ...  Kasai
Sakuntala Homkeaw  ...  Sonakul's Wife
Yumi Ito  ...  (as Iconiq)
Suzanna Nunn  ...  Hot Girl #1
Lilla Primmer  ...  Hot Girl #3
Saiyan Ramon  ...  Suthep's Band: Bongos
Nared Taweewipaspong  ...  Sonakul
Jamreuon Teeranontmongkol  ...  Dok Kalam Band - Guitar
Tanya Toropova  ...  Hot Girl #4
Kattiya-Aree Visanu  ...  Dok Kalam Band - Drums
Jude S. Walko  ...  Park Photographer
Krida Woothisen  ...  Dok Kalam Band - Keyboards
Shinji Yano  ...  EA employee
Cheon Seok Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Takahiro Nishijima  ...  Tsuyoshi Higashigaito
Comments: Too upper-crust for me to care about the characters.

Summary: Higashigaito Yutaka is transferred to the Bangkok branch of Eastern Airlines. In three months, he will marry Michiko, a relative of the airline's founder, and though he doesn't love her, he knows he could be CEO one day if they wed. In Thailand, Yutaka meets Touko at a bar and is instantly drawn to her. His relationship with her only intensifies as the wedding date approaches. Eventually, he decides to break up with her and calls Michiko in front of her. Touko is disappointed, and the next day she leaves for New York. Yutaka and Michiko reunite in Thailand and proceed with their wedding. Twenty-five years later, Yutaka and Michiko are married with two sons. But Yutaka still harbors memories of Touko in his heart. Yutaka visits Bangkok on business and goes to the Oriental Hotel where he had stayed with Touko-and finds she is now in charge of VIP guests there. They realize their love for each other remains, but reality pulls them apart once again.

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