Hayanbang   2002   South Korea Unborn But Forgotten
Unborn But Forgotten Image Cover
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Director:Chang-jae Lim
Studio:You Cinema
Writer:Hyeon-geun Han
IMDb Rating:4.7 (286 votes)
Duration:95 min
Chang-jae Lim  ...  (Director)
Hyeon-geun Han  ...  (Writer)
Jun-ho Jeong  ...  Lee Seok
Eun-ju Lee  ...  Han Su-jin
Hui-ju Park  ...  Cinematographer
Ji-yu Kim  ...  
Seong-Yong Kye  ...  
Kan-hie Lee  ...  
So-yeon Lee  ...  
Ji-Yeon Myeong  ...  
Comments: I don't even remember this film any more.

Summary: A website is seemingly killing every woman who views it within fifteen days. While investigating the phenomenon, a female reporter begins an investigation that leads to the discovery of the site known only as The White Room. Uncovering the secret has its price, leaving her fifteen days to solve the mystery behind the cryptic portal and break the curse before its too late.

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