Chaesikjuuija   2009   South Korea Vegetarian
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Director:Woo-Seong Lim
Studio:Bluetree Pictures
Writer:Woo-Seong Lim
IMDb Rating:6.1 (78 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:111 min
Woo-Seong Lim  ...  (Director)
Woo-Seong Lim  ...  (Writer)
Min-seo Chae  ...  
Hyun-sung Kim  ...  
Ui-jin Kim  ...  
Yeo-jin Kim  ...  
Young-jae Kim  ...  
Ji-hye Yun  ...  
Chang-bae Kang  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Another tortured artist asshole and the woman who enables him. I've never seen a more distracting and unflattering boob job. What was she thinking?

Summary: A young housewife, finds herself having strange dreams that make her disgusted by meat, leading to trouble with her meat-loving husband and attention from her artist brother in law

A Korean film has been selected to screen in competition at the Sundance Film Festival next month in Park City, Utah. Director Lim Woo-seong's psychological drama "Vegetarian" was selected from among 1,022 submissions to be one of 14 to compete in the World Cinema Narrative Competition section at the prestigious North American fest.

LIM's feature debut is based on a famous short story by Korean writer Han-gang, and revolves around a sensitive housewife who becomes vegetarian as her relationship with her husband deteriorates, culminating in a liaison with her sister's husband, an artist who paints bodies.

The film drew critical attention at its world premiere at the Pusan International Film Festival last October. Director LIM is currently completing his second feature, titled "Scar". Sundance is to take place January 21- 31, with new festival director John Cooper replacing longtime head, Geoffrey Gilmore.

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