Yeonpung yeonga   1999   South Korea Love Wind Love Song
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Director:Dae-yeong Park
Studio:Koo-aen Films
Writer:Myeong-ju Jo
IMDb Rating:6.5 (120 votes)
Duration:96 min
Dae-yeong Park  ...  (Director)
Myeong-ju Jo  ...  (Writer)
Dong-gun Jang  ...  Tae-hie
So-young Ko  ...  Young-seo
Jae-seok Han  ...  A Movie-Star
Yun-hie Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Na-na Han  ...  
Jung-ki Kim  ...  
Min Kim  ...  
Jin-hie Park  ...  
Joo-ri Shin  ...  
Comments: Very nice scenery but not very interesting people.

Summary: Tae-Hee is a working professional living with his father, whose illness caused the break-off of his wedding. He takes a sudden vacation to Cheju Island for five days before deciding whether to accept an assignment overseas. Upon his arrival , he runs into Young-seo, a local tour guide, whom he aids in capturing a pickpocket. Eventually, Tae-hee asks her for a private tour of the island. They cover every nook and corner of the island as if they were two old lovers revisiting their first meeting place. Their affection for each other grows. At the end of the five days they part from each other without any confirmation of their love, and a series of mishaps result in their not being able to contact each other. Soon, Tae-hee must make a decision about his future.

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