Chameul Soo Eoptneun   2009   South Korea Loveholic
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Director:Chil-in Kwon
Studio:I & Cosmos Cinewisefilm
Writer:Chang Sung Han, Keum Ok Hong, Su Ah Kim
IMDb Rating:6.8 (34 votes)
Duration:110 min
Chil-in Kwon  ...  (Director)
Chang Sung Han, Keum Ok Hong, Su Ah Kim  ...  (Writer)
Ja-Hyeon Chu  ...  Ji Eun
Soo Yeon Han  ...  Kyung Rin
Chan Jung  ...  Myung Won
Heung-su Kim  ...  Dong Joo
Jin-woong Choi  ...  Cinematographer
Jae-geun Choi  ...  Editor
Comments: Not quite swapping partners, more musical chairs. A woman boinks her husband's colleague while her best friend boinks her husband. The script is smart, the acting good, some music is excellent (closing credits and love scenes). Chil-in Kwon has made four wonderful female oriented adult dramas with accomplished actors. Good for him. Good for me. Ja-Hyeon Chu owns this film. We often applaud an actor for becoming the character. Here, Chu makes the character become her. She's a monster. Soo Yeon Han is like some Korean actress Home Run: rail thin but athletic about it; dreamy, childlike eyes full of confidence; a smile that's naive, content, comfortable and beyond reproach. Her descent is sad because Kwon uses those qualities to make her character and then whacks her. Chil-in Kwon is an unsung hero of contemporary Korean cinema.

Summary: Ji-Heon (Chu Ja-Hyeon) is a thirty something single woman who suddenly loses her job, apartment and boyfriend. She then moves in with her friend Kyeong-Lin (Han Su-Yeon) and her doctor husband Myeong-Won (Jeong Chan). Kyeong-Lin appears to be the perfect housewife and lives a life of luxury. Their lives become turbulent when Kyeong-Lin develops feelings for Myeong-Won’s husband and Myeong-Won falls for her husband’s colleague Dong-Joo (Kim Heung-Su).

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