Ahobsal insaeng   2004   South Korea When I Turned Nine
When I Turned Nine Image Cover
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Director:In-ho Yun
Studio:Hwang Ki-seong Productions
Writer:Man-hui Lee
IMDb Rating:7.3 (277 votes)
Duration:105 min
In-ho Yun  ...  (Director)
Man-hui Lee  ...  (Writer)
Seok Kim  ...  Baek Yeo-min
Se-yeong Lee  ...  Jang Woo-rim
Myeong-jae Kim  ...  Shin Ki-jong
Ah-hyeon Na  ...  Oh Geum-bok
Baek-ri Park  ...  Black Swallow
Seon-kyeong Jeong  ...  Yeo-min's mother
Dae-han Ji  ...  Yeo-min's father
Ae-Yeon Jeong  ...  
Hyeon-jeong No  ...  
Jo-Myeong Jeon  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: This is a brilliantly written, cast, and directed film. It's hard to decide if it demonstrates the universal nature (blurring any adult/adolescent distinctions) of social interactions or if it is reverse commenting on the childlike nature of adult drama. Either way, it's an absolute joy from start to finish, only a few overly melodramatic moments mar an otherwise perfect film. The skit-like editing may have been necessary because … kids, ya know, directing kids can be tough, but the performances here are almost unbelievable in their spot-on-ness. Highly recommended film, even to those who may initially steer clear of films starring children.

Summary: "Yeo-min, the charming protagonist portrayed in Wee Ki-chul 's million-selling bestseller now turned big screen pleasure is very special indeed! He spares no efforts to help the people around him who are in need going so far as to beat up the boss of his friends in order to free them from his bullying. Yeo-min also remembers to be a good son working as an ice-cream cake vendor so as to buy his mother a pair of sunglasses to relieve the pain of her ailing eyes. Owing to all his great deeds, the clever boy enjoys huge popularity everywhere. However, Yeo-min 's life is in for a drastic change after a mysterious girl from Seoul is transferred to his school. Will he be smart enough to overcome his own difficulties?"

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