Jjae Jjae Han Romaenseu   2010   South Korea Petty Romance
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Director:Jeong-hoon Kim
Studio:Cree Pictures
Writer:Jeong-Hoon-Il Kim
IMDb Rating:6.4 (143 votes)
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:117 min
Jeong-hoon Kim  ...  (Director)
Jeong-Hoon-Il Kim  ...  (Writer)
Seon-gyun Lee  ...  Jeong-bae
Kang-hee Choi  ...  Da-rim
Do-bin Baek  ...  Min-ho
Hee-jin Choi  ...  Bank clerk
Hyeon-Sook Choi  ...  Jeong-bae's house owner
Eun-ji Jo  ...  Awards ceremony secretary
Seong-hwan Jo  ...  Convience store worker
Won-jong Lee  ...  Lee Se-yong
Jeong Mi-Seong  ...  Team leader
Jeong-se Oh  ...  Hae-ryong
Seong-il Park  ...  Byeong-doo
Hyeon-Kyeong Ryoo  ...  Kyeong-seon
Jae-hyeong Jeong  ...  Composer
Yeong-hwan Choi  ...  Cinematographer
Na-yeong Nam  ...  Editor
Comments: Both actors entertained me quite a bit in the first half. Good chemistry in the antagonistic stage of rom-com development. The further they fell into the Rom part of the rom-com though, the less I liked it--to the point of erasing all the fun I had up to that point. Actor charisma was doing well and got pushed out of the way by scripted story line. Too bad. This could have been a surprise hit.

Summary: Also known as "The Petty Love Affair"

Adult comic romance, between ‘Grunge’ adult cartoonist and ‘Bluff’ sex columnist, which takes place in both reality and dream.

Cartoonist Jeong-bae gets rejected every time he tries to sell his work.
One day when he got rejected, Jeong-bae sees a prize for an adult cartoon contest. He eventually tries to find a story writer for his new ‘adult’ comic.
Da-ram, who screws every work that she has to do, is kicked out from her company. While finding a new job, she is interviewed by Jeong-bae. Attracted by this huge amount of prize money, Da-ram starts to write a scenario for Jeong-bae.

This is the making film of Da-ram and Jeong-bae’s adult comic. The petty romance that nobody saw before will be start.

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