Saranghanda, saranghaji anneunda   2011   South Korea Come Rain, Come Shine
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Director:Yoon-ki Lee
Studio:B.O.M. Film Productions Co.
Writer:Yoon-ki Lee
IMDb Rating:6.4 (122 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:105 min
Yoon-ki Lee  ...  (Director)
Yoon-ki Lee  ...  (Writer)
Su-jeong Lim  ...  Woman
Hyun Bin  ...  Man
Jung-woo Ha  ...  Other Man
Hye-ok Kim  ...  Mother
Ji-su Kim  ...  Neighbour
Jung-ki Kim  ...  Neighbour
Jin-young Yu  ...  Newsreader
Hyeong-wook Jang  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: A day in the life of two people about to end a marriage. Maybe. Su-jeong Lim and Hyun Bin are wonderful as the couple. It's real life, almost real time. It's mundane and very undramatic. I was loving every minute of it until it's ending, an ending that tried to suggest ambiguity and nothing more than a need to stop filming, but it didn't quite work. I didn't mind, though. I had a great time for a couple hours. Yoon-ki Lee totally gets character study. It's just difficult to bookend a slice of life.

Summary: Over the course of a day, "Come Rain Come Shine" depicts a married couple as they prepare for their breakup. The woman is set to move her stuff out that day. The man, unable to articulate his true feelings, lends a hand. What are the couple's true intentions? Will they break up?

On the day of separation, the couple still play hide and seek with their true feelings. While driving to the airport one day, a young woman tells her husband that she wants to leave him for another man. The husband does not ask her why. On the day she is to move out, a massive storm strikes seemingly stranding her and forcing them to spend another day together. A lot can happen in one day, as their soon to be new reality sinks in.

"Come Rain Come Shine" was selected in the main competition for the 60th Berlinale. It was booed loudly by the critics there. Actor Hyun-Bin defended the film by saying that it's necessary to be a slow moving film in order to get into the emotions of the character.

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