Kim Jong-ok Chatgi   2010   South Korea Finding Mr. Destiny
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Director:Yu-jung Jang
Studio:Soo Film Company
Writer:Kyoung-eui Lee
IMDb Rating:6.4 (64 votes)
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Duration:112 min
Yu-jung Jang  ...  (Director)
Kyoung-eui Lee  ...  (Writer)
Su-jeong Lim  ...  Seo Ji-Woo
Yoo Gong  ...  Han Gi-Joon
Ho-jin Jeon  ...  Seo Dae-Ryung
Seung-su Ryu  ...  Gi-Joon's brother-in-law
Cheong-a Lee  ...  Ji-Hye
Lee Hyung-deok  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Formula "love right under your nose" romcom that would be instantly forgettable if Su-jeong Lim wasn't so adorable. I grumbled and harrumphed rather than cheering or weeping tears of joy at the obvious conclusion. That's a bad thing, fyi.

Summary: A woman named Seo Ji-Woo (Lim Soo-Jung) traveled to India and met her first true love Kim Jong-Ok. Since that time Ji-Woo can't forget her first love. She then turns to the company "첫사랑 찾기 주식회사" - which means literally "Finding Your First True Love Company" to help track down Kim Jong-Ok.

Han Gi-Joon (Gong Yoo) started "Finding Your First True Love Company" and he takes on Seo Ji-Woo as the company's first client. The pair travel all over Korea to find Seo Ji-Woo's first love and & in the process Han Gi-Joon finds himself falling in love with his first client ...

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