Nae Kkangpae Gateun Aein   2010   South Korea My Dear Desperado
My Dear Desperado Image Cover
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Director:Kwang-shik Kim
Writer:Kwang-shik Kim
IMDb Rating:7.1 (114 votes)
Duration:105 min
Kwang-shik Kim  ...  (Director)
Kwang-shik Kim  ...  (Writer)
Yu-mi Jeong  ...  Sae-Jin Han
In-gi Jung  ...  Detective Park
Joong-Hoon Park  ...  Dong-Chul Oh
Won-sang Park  ...  Jong-Seo
Nak-sun Ko  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Dong-chul can’t fight at all, but he’s a gangster who can talk. He can’t show off his skills as well as before, but his spirit is still alive. But the girl who seems nice on the outside moves next door, and she doesn’t feel threatened by him. If he calls her “the girl next door,” she gets defensive. But for some reason, he wants to be nice to her! Se-jin has put herself out on the job market. She has big plans and got the semi-basement room. But a gangster who doesn’t even look like one lives next door. This man calls her “thegirl next door” as if he knows her. The gangster that talks too much. She doesn’t hate him!

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