Beul-la-in-deu   2011   South Korea Blind
Blind Image Cover
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Director:Sang-hoon Ahn
Writer:Choi Min-Seok
IMDb Rating:6.6 (252 votes)
Duration:111 min
Sang-hoon Ahn  ...  (Director)
Choi Min-Seok  ...  (Writer)
Ha-Neul Kim  ...  Min Soo-ah
Seung Ho Yoo  ...  Kwon Gi-seob
Hie-bong Jo  ...  Detective Jo
Yang Yeong-jo  ...  Myeong-jin
Mi-Kyeong Kim  ...  Director
Choong-seon Park  ...  President
Park Bo-Geom  ...  Dong-hyeon
Dal-i  ...  Wisdom
Won Poong-Yeon  ...  Detective 1
Eun-seok Choi  ...  Detective 2
Dae-hwan Oh  ...  Detective 3
Min-ji Song  ...  Min-joo
Hyun-ju Kim  ...  Care mother
Sa Hee  ...  Jeong-yeon
Summary: A missing person case involving a female university student and the victim in a hit and run case appears to be the same person. Detectives look for a witness. A witness, Min Soo-Ah appears, but Min Soo-Ah is blind. She used to be a promising student at the police academy. With her acute senses, Min Soo-Ah is able to reveal important clues on the hit and run case. Another witness, Kwon Gi-Seob then appears. Gi-Seob, who witnessed the case with his own eyes, gives contradictory statements to Min Soo-Ah. The investigation then goes through many twists and turns, while Min Soo-Ah finds herself up against the killer.

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