Telmisseomding   1999   South Korea Tell Me Something
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Director:Yoon-Hyun Chang
Studio:Kino Video
Writer:Yoon-Hyun Chang, Eun-Ah In
IMDb Rating:6.5 (1,814 votes)
Genre:Horror, Drama
Duration:116 min
Yoon-Hyun Chang  ...  (Director)
Yoon-Hyun Chang, Eun-Ah In  ...  (Writer)
Suk-kyu Han  ...  Detective Cho
Eun-ha Shim  ...  Chae Su-Yeon
Hang-Seon Jang  ...  Detective Oh
Jung-ah Yum  ...  Seungmin Oh
Seok-Hwan An  ...  
Cheol-Ho Park  ...  
Jun-Sang Yu  ...  Kim Ki-yeon
Hwan-Jun Lee  ...  
Sung-Bok Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Sang-Beom Kim  ...  Editor
Jun-Seok Bang  ...  Composer
Yeong-wook Jo  ...  Composer
Summary: In Seoul, parts not matching of severed copses of three men are found in cars and bags left in public spaces. Detective Cho, who is under investigation of the Internal Affairs, is assigned to lead the investigation with his team. When the identities of the men are discovered, the police finds that the artist Su-Yeon Chae, who lives with her friend Seungmin Oh, had been lover of the men. Detective Cho and his force protect Su-Yeon and follows the leads based one the information she tells, while the killer executes other victims. However, Cho discloses very dark secrets in the end, finding the real motives of the murderer.

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