2012   South Korea Howling
Howling Image Cover
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Director:Ha Yu
Writer:Asa Nonami
IMDb Rating:4.2 (9 votes)
Duration:114 min
Ha Yu  ...  (Director)
Asa Nonami  ...  (Writer)
Kang-ho Song  ...  Detective Sang-Kill
Na-yeong Lee  ...  Detective Eun-Young
Jang In-ho  ...  Lee Ki-Nam
In-gi Jeong  ...  Coroner
Jeong Jin  ...  Detective
Young Jin Jo  ...  Jung-Ah's dad
Min-ho Lee  ...  Sang-Gil's son
Sung-min Lee  ...  Detective Young-Cheol
Bo-ra Nam  ...  Jung-Ah
Jeong-geun Sin  ...  Chief detective
Comments: Silly story, repugnant script. "hey lets abuse and disrespect the lady cop". Disgusting. Lets play violin music and watch a dog run. Stupid.

Summary: A man is found burned to death inside of a car. Detective Sang-Gil (Song Kang-Ho) and his co-workers investigate the scene. Sang-Gil doesn’t want to take the case, because it looks like a simple suicide case and won’t help him get the promotion that he desperately wants. Furthermore, rookie female detective Eun-Young (Lee Na-Young) is selected as his partner for the case.

Later at the morgue, Eun-Young discovers a dog bite on the burned corpse. As Detective Sang-Gil and Eun-Young investigate further they discover a trail of drugs, child prostitution, and a lethal wolf-dog all involved in the case. Detective Sang-Gil and Eun-Young keeps their discoveries to themselves as Detective Sang-Gil hopes to crack the case and get his promotion. Soon, another murder victim is discovered having dog bites on his body. Can Detective Sang-Gil and Eun-Young unravel the mysterious case before more people are killed?

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