Yeon-ga-si   2012   South Korea Deranged
Deranged Image Cover
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Director:Jeong-woo Park
Writer:Jeong-woo Park
IMDb Rating:7.2 (28 votes)
Duration:109 min
Jeong-woo Park  ...  (Director)
Jeong-woo Park  ...  (Writer)
Moon Jeong-hee  ...  
Dong-wan Kim  ...  Jae-pil
Ha-nui Lee  ...  
Kim Myeong-min  ...  Jae-hyuk
Comments: I kept waiting for a "Deranged" Psycho to show up.

Summary: An epidemic of drownings, with victims jumping into the river causes panic around the country. The government declares a state of emergency. Medical supplies salesman Jae-Hyuk (Kim Myung-Min) suspects his family is showing symptoms of the drowning victims. Through his brother, Detective Jae-Pil (Kim Dong-Wan), Jae-Hyuk learns an antidote may be stored by at a warehouse.

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