Ko-ri-a   2012   South Korea As One
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Director:Moon Hyeon Seong
Studio:CJ Entertainment
Writer:Young-Ha Yoo, Sung-Hwi Kwon
IMDb Rating:7.2 (693 votes)
Awards:1 win & 2 nominations
Duration:127 min
Moon Hyeon Seong  ...  (Director)
Young-Ha Yoo, Sung-Hwi Kwon  ...  (Writer)
Doona Bae  ...  Li Bun Hui
Woo-hee Cheon  ...  Hyun Jung-Hwa's younger sister
Yoon Yeong Choi  ...  Yeon-jeon Choi
Ji-won Ha  ...  Hyun Jung Hwa
Ye-ri Han  ...  Soon-bok Yoo
Dong Hwan  ...  China Assistant Coach
Liu Jang  ...  Wang Ming
Jonghoon Jyung  ...  China Head Coach
Eung-soo Kim  ...  Jo Nam-Poong
Jae-hwa Kim  ...  Deng Yao Liang
Mike Meier  ...  Foreign Table Tennis Umpire
Jeong-se Oh  ...  Doo-man Oh
Cha-la Park  ...  Jo Shu Ang
Cheol-min Park  ...  South Korea Head Coach
Jeong-hak Park  ...  Commander Jang
Jong-Suk Lee  ...  Choi, Kyung-Sub
Yoon-young Choi  ...  Yeon-Jung
Woo-hee Chun  ...  Hyun Jung-Hwa's younger sister
Tae-seong Kim  ...  Composer
Du-man Lee  ...  Cinematographer
Sun-min Kim  ...  Editor
Comments: Absolutely hokey, but fun anyway.

Summary: "As One" is the cinematic retelling of the first ever post-war Unified Korea sports team, hastily formed to participate in the 41st World Table Tennis Championships in 1991. Following the North Korean mid-air bombing of Korean Air Flight 858 in 1987, a Summit was held between North and South Korea to defuse the extreme tension on the peninsula. The summit ended with the agreement to form a unified Korean sports team; and table tennis, being highly visible and world-class in both countries, was chosen as the symbolic unifier. Summarily, the first-ever unified North-South team under the simple aegis "KOREA" was formed to compete in the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba, Japan. "As One" recounts these dramatic events where especially two world-class players who had only ever met across the table as die-hard opponents must suddenly become a true partners and teammates in time for the biggest stage of the World Championships...

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