2006   South Korea Arang
Arang Image Cover
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Director:Sang-hoon Ahn
Studio:Tartan Video
Writer:Sang-hoon Ahn, Seon-ju Jeong, Jeong-seob Lee, Yun-kyung Sin
IMDb Rating:6.0 (533 votes)
Duration:98 min
Sang-hoon Ahn  ...  (Director)
Sang-hoon Ahn, Seon-ju Jeong, Jeong-seob Lee, Yun-kyung Sin  ...  (Writer)
So-yeong Choo  ...  
Yun-ah Song  ...  So-young
Jong-su Lee  ...  Dong-min
Won-jung Jeong  ...  
Ok-bin Kim  ...  
Dong-Wook Lee  ...  Hyun-ki
SirLaosson Dara  ...  Cinematographer
Kwang-suk Chung  ...  Cinematographer
Im-Pyo Ko  ...  Editor
Hae-in Kim  ...  
Summary: Made during the 2006 horror boom in South Korea, Arang is a stylish and well-made variation on the theme of the vengeful ghost that has proved so popular in Asian genre films. Horror fans should note, though, that the supernatural element is the least interesting aspect of writer-director Ahn Sang-hoon's feature; anyone who's seen the Japanese or American versions of The Grudge or The Ring will be disappointed to find here yet another take on the long-haired, water-logged female ghost with painful revenge on her mind. Instead, it's the framing device that catches the most interest; the discovery of the ghost is precipitated by the horrific murder of two young men, which leads hardboiled detective So-yeong (Yun-ah Song) and her rookie partner (Dong-wook Lee) to the scene of a forgotten rape and murder from years ago. The crime has particular resonance for So-yeong, who is the survivor of a similar attack, and this subplot adds a layer of drama and realism to an attractively photographed but otherwise by-the-books Asian horror title. The DVD includes commentary by Sang-hoon and members of his cast, and the filmmaker is surprisingly candid about what works and what doesn't in his movie. A small selection of deleted scenes, as well as two behind-the-scenes featurettes and the theatrical trailer, round out the extras. --Paul Gaita

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