Nae Anaeui Modeun Geot   2012   South Korea All About My Wife
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Director:Kyu-Dong Min
Writer:Kyu-Dong Min, Sung-Hye Heo
IMDb Rating:6.3 (6 votes)
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Duration:121 min
Kyu-Dong Min  ...  (Director)
Kyu-Dong Min, Sung-Hye Heo  ...  (Writer)
Su-jeong Lim  ...  Jeong-in Yeon
Kwang Soo Lee  ...  Choi
Seon-gyun Lee  ...  Doo-Hyun
Sung-min Lee  ...  Company Director Na
Seung-yong Ryoo  ...  Sung-Ki
Kim Jung Tae  ...  Kwang-Sik
Kim Dong-Young  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Su-jeong Lim is surreal in her adorableness. I thoroughly enjoyed disapproving of this film from start to finish.

Summary: Jung-In (Lim Soo-Jung) & Doo-Hyun (Lee Sun-Kyun) meet in Nagoya, Japan during an earthquake. Love quickly blossoms between the couple.

Seven years later, Jung-In and Doo-Hyun are a married couple. Jung-In is still an attractive woman, stylish and cooks with passion, but Doo-Hyun is miserable. He hates his wife's constant nagging and negative nature. He becomes so despondent that he contemplates asking for a divorce, but he is too meek to ask for the divorce. To get away from his wife, Doo-Hyun asks for a transfer at work.

Doo-Hyun is now stoked to be away from his wife. Elation soon turns back into despair when Jung-In suddenly appears at his temporary apartment unannounced!

A day or so later, Doo-Hyun notices several ladies who appear at the doorsteps of his neighbor. The ladies all seem desperate to talk to his neighbor and even fight among themselves. It turns out Doo-Hyun's neighbor is a legendary Cassanova named Sung-Ki (Ryoo Seung-Ryong). Sung-Ki has an extraordinary talent for seducing woman, but he wants to quit seducing women. Meanwhile, Doo-Hyun comes up with a plan. He pleads with his neighbor Sung-Ki to seduce his wife in order to get his wife to ask for a divorce!

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