2011   South Korea Amen
Amen Image Cover
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Director:Ki-duk Kim
Studio:Kim Ki-Duk Film
Writer:Ki-duk Kim
IMDb Rating:6.1 (26 votes)
Duration:72 min
Ki-duk Kim  ...  (Director)
Ki-duk Kim  ...  (Writer)
Hye-na Kim  ...  
Ki-duk Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: A woman goes to France in search for a man who she lost contact with, only to find that he has moved on to Venice. On her way to Venice, she faces a horrible incident in the train which makes her painfully question herself about life and relationships. And when she makes a frightening conclusion, the question becomes the share of the audiences.

A journey of a Korean girl who wanders around Europe to find her boyfriend.

After director Kim Ki-Duk attended the 2011 Cannes Film Festival for his documentary "Arirang," Kim Ki-Duk filmed his new movie "Amen" in Europe.

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