Gogal   2008   South Korea Exhausted
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Director:Gok Kim
Writer:Gok Kim
IMDb Rating:5.3 (32 votes)
Duration:128 min
Gok Kim  ...  (Director)
Gok Kim  ...  (Writer)
Liu Jang  ...  
Keun-young Oh  ...  
Ji-hwan Park  ...  
Chulki Hong  ...  Composer
Sang-joon Kwon  ...  Cinematographer
Gok Kim  ...  Editor
Sun Kim  ...  Editor
Comments: Creepy. Not sure why I watched this. I must have been under the impression that it was an exploitation abuse zero budget gutter film that redeemed itself somehow.

Summary: A man (Park Jihwan) lives with a young, possibly retarded woman (Jang Liu) and pimps her out to assorted gimp suit-wearing clients. The couple spends their off-hours on leafletting (“WE HAVE GIRL”) and mindlessly aggressive activities like mudfights and belching contests. The girl makes desultory attempts to escape, but always ends up back with her companion. Eventually, a mysterious woman (Oh Geunyung) appears to take pity and effects a "rescue," before revealing her own gruesome designs on the girl. Exhausted largely abandons the overt humor and satire of the Kim brothers' other works, trading it for ennui and increasingly graphic horrors -- accentuated by the purposely degraded 8mm photography and unnerving ambient noise from Hong Chulki.

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