2012   South Korea The Neighbors
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Director:Hwi Kim
Writer:Pool Kang, Hwi Kim
IMDb Rating:7.0 (16 votes)
Duration:115 min
Hwi Kim  ...  (Director)
Pool Kang, Hwi Kim  ...  (Writer)
Ho-jin Cheon  ...  Pyo
Ji-han Do  ...  Ahn Sang-Yoon
Cheon Ho-Jin  ...  Pyo Jong-Rok
Cha Hyeon-woo  ...  Detective Lee
Young-nam Jang  ...  Ha Tae-Seon
In-gi Jeong  ...  Kim Hong-Jung
Hyun-sung Kim  ...  Ryu Seung-Hyuk
Sae-ron Kim  ...  Yoo Soo-Yeon
Yunjin Kim  ...  Kyung-Hee
Ha-ryong Lim  ...  Kim Sang-Young
Dong-seok Ma  ...  Ahn Hyuk-Mo
Kim Jung Tae  ...  Kim Jong-Guk
Summary: On a raining evening, middle-school student Yeo-Seon (Kim Sae-Ron), resident of a middle-class apartment complex, walks home alone from the bus stop, but she doesn't make it home. 10 days later, her decapitated body is found in a red suitcase. Gyung-Hee (Kim Yunjin) is Yeo-Seon's stepmother. She carries tremendous guilt, because she did not pick her up stepdaughter on the evening that she was abducted. A few days later, Gyung-Hee is so startled, she falls to the floor in the parking lot of her apartment complex. A girl stands in front of her. The young girl's name is Soo-Yeo (Kim Sae-Ron) and she carries an uncanny resemblance to her murdered stepdaughter. Soo-Yeo also lives in the same apartment complex. Another 10 days later, the murderer has yet to be caught and he has killed again. Meanwhile, several people in the apartment complex begin to suspect one of their own residents...

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