Go-ryeong-hwa-ga-jok   2013   South Korea Boomerang Family
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Director:Hae-sung Song
Studio:Invent Stone
Writer:Hae-sung Song
IMDb Rating:6.6 (67 votes)
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Duration:112 min
Hae-sung Song  ...  (Director)
Hae-sung Song  ...  (Writer)
Ji-hee Jin  ...  Min-kyeong
Hyo-jin Kong  ...  Mi-yeon
Hae-il Park  ...  In-mo
Yeo-jeong Yoon  ...  Mom
Je-mun Yun  ...  Han-mo
Jae-jin Lee  ...  Composer
Kyung-Pyo Hong  ...  Cinematographer
Gok-ji Park  ...  Editor
Summary: In-mo is an unsuccessful film director with nothing going for him in life. He's been out of work since his firm flopped at the box office and he was abandoned by his wife. Just when things can't any worse and he can't make rent, his nonchalant mother extends a helping hand. She offers him a place to live and In-mo is glad to take her upon it. In-mo's older brother, Han-mo, a former gangster and five-time convict has already settled in comfortably as a jobless couch potato and soon, their twice-divorced, adulterous sister, Mi-yeon, joins them with her preteen daughter, Min-gyeong. At home once again, the grown-up siblings are forced to live with each other.

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