Cheopcheopsanjung   2009   South Korea Lost in the Mountains
Lost in the Mountains Image Cover
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Director:Sang-soo Hong
Studio:Jeonju International Film Festival
Writer:Sang-soo Hong
IMDb Rating:7.0 (60 votes)
Genre:Short, Drama
Duration:31 min
Sang-soo Hong  ...  (Director)
Sang-soo Hong  ...  (Writer)
Yu-mi Jeong  ...  
Yong-jin Jeong  ...  Composer
Summary: Hong uses his given time wisely: Lost in the Mountains is like a condensed version of a two-hour Hong movie with just as many emotional peaks and public humiliations. It's fun to watch as our lead character emotionally bulldozes around her surroundings. It also has a very uncharacteristic, hilarious and resolute ending for a Hong movie. Lost in the Mountains offers everything that the Korean auteur is known for and more in much shorter time.

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