Deo Tereo Raibeu   2013   South Korea The Terror Live
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Director:Byeong-woo Kim
Writer:Byeong-woo Kim
IMDb Rating:7.4 (418 votes)
Awards:1 win & 2 nominations
Genre:Action, Crime
Duration:97 min
Byeong-woo Kim  ...  (Director)
Byeong-woo Kim  ...  (Writer)
Jung-woo Ha  ...  Yeong-hwa Yoon
Duek-mun Choi  ...  Secretary Kim Sang-Mo (voice)
Jin-ho Choi  ...  Lee Sang-Jin
Sung-chun Han  ...  Radio Producer
Kim Hong-Fa  ...  Police commissioner
Hye-jin Jeon  ...  Park Jung-Min
Hae-in Kim  ...  No Hyoun-Jin
Da-wit Lee  ...  Park Shin-Woo
Kyeong-yeong Lee  ...  Cha Dae-eun
Kim So-Jin  ...  Lee Ji-Soo
Chang-joo Kim  ...  Editor
Summary: Yoon Young-Hwa (Ha Jung-Woo) is a former popular TV anchorman, but due to an unsavory incident now works as a radio show host. One morning, a listener calls in to his radio program and declares that "I will blow up the Mapodaegyo Bridge." At first, the call is taken as a joke, but soon Yoon Young-Hwa realizes it is very real. The Mapodaegyo Bridge, which can be seen from the radio station office, suddenly explodes.

As the sudden terror happens in real time, Yoon Young-Hwa decides that this incident could be his ticket to work again as an anchorman. He decides to broadcast himself live on TV while talking to the caller responsible for the explosion. That person asks to speak with the President. The crisis quickly turns for the worse.

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