Deo Web-toon: Ye-go Sal-in   2013   South Korea Killer Toon
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Director:Yong-gyun Kim
Studio:CJ E&M Pictures
Writer:Hoo-Kyoung Lee, Sang-hak Lee
IMDb Rating:6.4 (1,152 votes)
Genre:Crime, Horror, Thriller
Duration:104 min
Yong-gyun Kim  ...  (Director)
Hoo-Kyoung Lee, Sang-hak Lee  ...  (Writer)
Hyeon-woo Kim  ...  Yeong-soo
Hae-hyo Kwon  ...  Sun-ki Cho
Si-young Lee  ...  Ji-yoon
Kwang-rok Oh  ...  The Chief
Ki-joon Uhm  ...  Lee Gi-cheol
Hyun Woo  ...  Young-su Kim
Yong-rock Choi  ...  Composer
Jung-bae Lee  ...  Cinematographer
Mi-zoo Kim  ...  Editor
Comments: This has Kim's snazzy look but the story is so convoluted it's not worth the effort to keep track, and all the cheap, seen 'em before scare tactics are just that. In the first ten minutes alone a scary scene ends with a person "waking up" - several times. And it just gets worse. It has the worst Korean male acting, which I'm really getting sick of--guys who can't act, acting like rude jerks. Too bad. I'll probably skip The Sword with No Name.

Summary: Popular horror web-comic artist Ji Yoon finds life imitating her own work when her publisher turns up dead in a way, precisely mirrors the images in her latest comic.

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