U ri Sunhi   2013   South Korea Our Sunhi
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Director:Sang-soo Hong
Studio:Jeonwonsa Film
Writer:Sang-soo Hong
IMDb Rating:6.9 (48 votes)
Awards:1 win & 1 nomination
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance
Duration:88 min
Sang-soo Hong  ...  (Director)
Sang-soo Hong  ...  (Writer)
Jae-yeong Jeong  ...  
Yu-mi Jeong  ...  
Sang Jung Kim  ...  
Min-woo Lee  ...  
Seon-gyun Lee  ...  
Ji-won Ye  ...  
Yong-jin Jeong  ...  Composer
Summary: Sunhi (Jung Yu-Mi) graduated from college, majoring in film. In order to ask about a recommendation letter from Professor Choi (Kim Sang-Jung) to study in the US, she visits her university after a long time. Sunhi expects Professor Choi to give her a good recommendation letter because he likes her. She also meets two other men she knew: Moon-Soo (Lee Sun-Kyun), who just became a film director, and Jae-Hak (Jung Jae-Young), who is a well established film director.

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