Di-sem-beo   2013   South Korea December
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Director:Jeong-hoon Park
IMDb Rating:6.7 (12 votes)
Awards:1 win & 1 nomination
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance
Duration:73 min
Jeong-hoon Park  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Myung-jin Shin  ...  Se-na
Dong-won Kim  ...  Soo-hyeon
Shin Yoon  ...  Jin-hwa
Ah-yeon Oh  ...  Ji-hye
Gyeo-wool Ahn  ...  
Jeong-hoon Park  ...  Editor
Comments: I want to hug this movie. I'm only 30 minutes into it and I want to hug it so much.

"Do you want to hold hands"?

later ...

"I didn't want to awkwardize the date ..." -- yep that was the subtitle.

I'm dying here. If this film fucks up and does something stupid I''ll be super pissed -- and change my rating, but the 30 minutes I've watched so far is worth 5 stars.


I'm stunned. This might be one of the most devastating and adorable films I've ever seen.

Disclaimer: This is precisely the kind of movie that right-minded people would turn off five minutes in. Nothing happens, no acting, no budget, a snail's pace ... but the two chord minimal acoustic guitar soundtrack is nice and at one point had me pumping my fist in the air (figuratively speaking).

The film follows the awkward interactions between a girl and the aloof guy she wants--a convenient store clerk. It fades to black, often. I love how the girl, during one breath seems incapable of even speaking, then blurts out truth, softly.

I think the film benefits from kind of bad subtitles. Not google translate bad, but definitely ESL. They lend to the awkwardness of the proceedings.

Films have to end at some point and I think this one tried to have an ending, to say something. Not sure I got it or approved of it but 71 out of 72 minutes of pure genius ... I'm not going to quibble.

This isn't really a movie, though. It comes down to whether or not you find the girl real, interesting, cute?, adorably awkward ... I dunno. But it's NOT a vehicle flick. There's another girl suitor who fades in and out and the main girl could have done the same at any time.

I love movies like this. They don't aim at 100, they aim at 20 or 30 and hit it with a sledgehammer.

I'm dead. I'm happy.

Summary: Beginning in the month of January, a boy and girl walk together. Through the corresponding months a romance blossoms, but perhaps not from whom you initially expect. A boy works the night shift at a convenience store. A high school girl comes into the store regularly, hoping to catch his attention.

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