In-gan-jung-dok   2014   South Korea Obsessed
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Director:Dae-woo Kim
Writer:Dae-woo Kim
IMDb Rating:5.7 (6 votes)
Duration:132 min
Dae-woo Kim  ...  (Director)
Dae-woo Kim  ...  (Writer)
Seung-heon Song  ...  Kim Jin-pyeong
Ji-Yeon Lim  ...  Jong Ga-heun
Yeo-Jeong Jo  ...  Lee Sook-jin
Ju-wan On  ...  Kyeong Woo-jin
Hae-jin Yoo  ...  President Im
Hye-jin Jeon  ...  
Seong-woo Bae  ...  
Tae-goo Eom  ...  
Won-joong Jung  ...  
Hye-na Kim  ...  
Comments: This is the worst kind of Korean film for me. Tiny little wannabe star studs who can't act are given a chance to play tough in a manufactured drama.

Summary: In 1969, Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong (Song Seung-Heon) has returned to South Korea after fighting with valor in the Vietnam War. He is trusted by the Army Commander who is also his father-in-law and respected by nearly everyone on the military base. Nevertheless, Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong suffers internally from his experiences in the war.
One day, Kyung Woo-Jin (On Joo-Wan) is transferred to work for Kim Jin-Pyeong. Kyung Woo-Jin is the type that will say or do anything to please his boss. Soon, Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong meets Jong Ga-Heun (Lim Ji-Yeon), the wife of his new subordinate. The couple also moved into the house across the street from Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong and his wife (Jo Yeo-Jeong).
On a fateful evening, Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong teases a caged bird on the porch of his neighbor's home. A stifling obsession soon begins between Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong and the wife of his subordinate.

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