Haemoo   2014   South Korea Sea Fog
Sea Fog Image Cover
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Director:Sung Bo Shim
Studio:Lewis Pictures
Writer:Joon-ho Bong, Sung Bo Shim
IMDb Rating:8.3 (13 votes)
Duration:111 min
Sung Bo Shim  ...  (Director)
Joon-ho Bong, Sung Bo Shim  ...  (Writer)
Yun-seok Kim  ...  
Yu-Chun Park  ...  Dong-sik
Kyung-pyo Hong  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Not much to say about this film that follows a group of fishermen who opt to smuggle ethnic Koreans from China to Korea and things go horribly wrong. People turn on one another, the ship goes down, people die. Kim Yun-Seok (The Yellow Sea, The Chaser) as the captain of the ship is good as always.

Summary: Fishing vessel Jeonjiho goes out to sea to catch fish. The ships fails to catch fish as they hoped. To make money, the crew decides to allow stowaways onto their ship. These stowaways are ethnic Koreans living in China, who want to live in South Korea. The Jeonjiho suffers from heavy wind and waves on their return. They are also chased by a ship from the South Korean Maritime Police. During this time, stowaways on the Jeonjiho suffocate to death.

The movie is based on the 2007 stage play "Hae Moo," which is itself based on a true story. The incident occurred October 7, 2001 near Yeosu, South korea. 25 Korean-Chinese stowaways on the Korean fishing vessel "Taechangho" suffocated to death and were then dumped into the sea.

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