Nae Yeonaeui Gieok   2014   South Korea My Ordinary Love Story
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Director:Kwon Lee
Writer:Sang Woon Han, Kwon Lee
IMDb Rating:6.1 (9 votes)
Duration:93 min
Kwon Lee  ...  (Director)
Sang Woon Han, Kwon Lee  ...  (Writer)
Park Grina  ...  So-Young
Kyeong-sook Jo  ...  Park Eun-Jin's Mom
Ye-won Kang  ...  Park Eun-jin
Hyun Jun Kim  ...  Park Eun-Gyeol
Yeong-seon Kim  ...  Ms. Jung
Sae-Byeok Song  ...  Hyun-suk
Greena Park  ...  So-Young (as Park Grina)
Comments: This film is going to change the way I watch Korean moovies. I have seen the arthouse in their pop.

Eun-jin is 30 and on her seventh lover. It's do or die. Oops. My Ordinary Love Story has quirky sound effects, fancypants camera and editing stunts, animation, jealousy, and it's funny. The direction is physical. Two wonderful actors as leads, and two kick butt actors on the side. Eun-jin's brother had me howling. Korean humor is often somewhere between bad and blue. They do rude with an "It was broke when I got here" face. Good thing they got Koreans to play the Koreans. This film made me laugh out loud. Then it wasn't funny. They market the film with a straight face. So this film is karthouse krom kom.

The director's style may be directly lifted from KTV dramas, I dunno. But he's really good at it. He takes a number of creative risks, visually, and gets a passing grade on every shot. The only bad thing about the film is it made me think of Cameron Diaz. This is must see stuff for those interested in up to the minute krom kom swervedriver.

Summary: Eun-Jin (Gang Ye-Won) has failed in love 6 times. She struggles now to find her seventh love. Hyeon-Suk (Song Sae-Byeok), who is not interested in love or marriage, is her seventh love. Considering that her seventh love is her last, she tries her best.

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