Manyeo   2014   South Korea The Wicked
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Director:Youngseon Yoo
Studio:CGV Movie Collage
Writer:Youngseon Yoo
IMDb Rating:6.1 (25 votes)
Awards:1 win
Genre:Horror, Thriller
Duration:93 min
Youngseon Yoo  ...  (Director)
Youngseon Yoo  ...  (Writer)
Joo-hee Park  ...  Se-yeong
Soo-yoon Na  ...  Lee Seon
Mi-so Lee  ...  Se-min
Ye-jin Sin  ...  Eun-jeong
Sun-young Ahn  ...  Hwa-yeong
Ik-joon Lee  ...  Min-ho
Gi-hwa Kang  ...  Min-joo
Hye-jin Kim  ...  So-jin
Se-yoon Moon  ...  Teaching Assistant
Yoo-ram Bae  ...  Jin-woo
Kyoo-hyung Lee  ...  Jae-wook
Hee-tae Jeong  ...  Se-yeong's Father
Seul-yeah Jo  ...  Se-yeong's Mother
Tae-joon Kim  ...  Parcel Service Man
Soo-jin Kim  ...  Pretty Female College Student
Woog-eun Kim  ...  Composer
Jing-eun Lee  ...  Cinematographer
Mi-young Kim  ...  Editor
Yong-hee Lee  ...  Editor
Comments: Well produced slow burn thriller. Starts like a revenge-against-the-office-bitch flick and then bleeds out to a general story of love and death and wickedness. There are various moments of cringe, mostly cutting or thumbtacks, but they aren't enough to carry the story. The ol' "I don't feel loved, so I'm jealous of love, and anyone who is loved, or popular, must die". Yawn. The lead actress is good. I stuck with it for the mild Miike ending.

Summary: Se-Young (Park Joo-Hee) is the new employee at an office. She's a bit awkward and introverted. Her manager is Lee-Sun (Na Soo-Yoon) who takes a quick dislike to Se-Young's weird personality. Lee-Sun picks on Se-Young in her backhanded ways, but soon she finds herself the target of Se-Young's wicked ways.

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