Hwajang   2014   South Korea Revivre
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Director:Kwon-taek Im
Studio:Myung Films
Writer:Kim Hoon, Yun-hee Song
IMDb Rating:6.5 (76 votes)
Awards:2 wins & 3 nominations
Duration:89 min
Kwon-taek Im  ...  (Director)
Kim Hoon, Yun-hee Song  ...  (Writer)
Sung-kee Ahn  ...  
Gyu-Ri Kim  ...  
Ho-jung Kim  ...  
Soo-Chul Kim  ...  Composer
Hyung-ku Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Steve M. Choe  ...  Editor
Comments: I generally don't like films that start at the end and then show us what lead up to it. Seems cheap and easy. I also usually really don't like films that run parallel timelines. This film does both of those things. But there is no escaping the quality of this one about a guy who is dealing with his dying and dead wife, and a new robo-babe who comes to work at his office. The biggest quality factor here is Sung-kee Ahn. It's almost impossible to decide if he is a sympathetic character or not. I think I might have given this a 6 right when it was over because it frustrated me, but every time I thought about it after that I inched it up a few points. Sometimes quality films have that effect. Gyu-ri Kim as the robo-babe, and Ho-jung Kim as the dead and dying wife are also good. In fact, Ho-jung Kim is extremely good. See how that works? Heck kick this one up to a 8.1/10

Summary: Mr. Oh’s (Ahn Sung-Ki) wife passes away from cancer. He works at a large cosmetics company. While his wife suffered from cancer for 4 years, Mr. Oh remained a devoted husband. At his wife's funeral, his subordinates from work arrive to offer their condolences and talk about work. Among the people from his company, Mr. Oh can't stop thinking about Choo Eun-Joo (Kim Gyu-Ri). As his wife got closer to death, he began to fall in love with another woman.

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