Naega Gobaekeul Hamyeon   2012   South Korea The Winter of the Year was Warm
The Winter of the Year was Warm Image Cover
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Director:David Cho
Studio:Film JoseE
Writer:Sungkyu Cho
IMDb Rating:7.6 (7 votes)
Genre:Drama, Romance, Melodrama
Duration:100 min
David Cho  ...  (Director)
Sungkyu Cho  ...  (Writer)
Tae-woo Kim  ...  Insung
Ji-won Ye  ...  Yoojung
Yong-rak Choi  ...  Composer
Summary: A movie director who also produces films, goes to Gangneung on the weekends to get away from his tiring Seoul life. Meanwhile, a woman who works as a home health nurse in Gangneung travels to Seoul on the weekends for its culture. These two people then meet.

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