Weokinggul   2014   South Korea Casa Amor: Exclusive For Ladies
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Director:Beom-sik Jeong
IMDb Rating:5.9 (24 votes)
Duration:112 min
Beom-sik Jeong  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Yeo Jeong Cho  ...  Bo Hee
Tae-woo Kim  ...  Kang, Sung Gyu
Clara Lee  ...  Nan Hee (as Clara)
Chang Wook Gil  ...  Composer

Only from Korea: A family dildo comedy. It's funny, and the two actresses commit to it completely.

Finally got to see this with proper subs, and it's the 'uncut' version to boot. It fared a little better for it but perhaps a re-watch wasn't warranted. Without the unraveling wtf factor it loses some of its charm. But only a little bit. Didn't really notice anything in this version that would have warranted cutting.

I would have cut the 'family' parts

A man comes home to his wife waiting in a bubble bath. He slips and falls down, and then she does as well when she gets out to help him. The strap-on dildo she's wearing lands in his mouth. Three times! I don't usually go for "comedy" like that.

Fearless actresses and broad humor are spoiled a bit by weepy story moments. Clara Lee is some amazing super-robo-babe. Damn! I hope she has hair insurance. She seems so much larger than the film in terms of sophistication, brains, and life experience, and as such comes across even better as she participates in the shenanigans. Yeo-jeong Jo chugs through this thing like only a good Korean can: straight up and to the point. That's why it works.

Summary: Bo-Hee (Cho Yeo-Jeong) works at a toy company. She is viewed favorably at work and is set for a promotion, but she makes a stupid mistake. Bo-Hee is then fired from her job. Bo-Hee then starts an adult products business with Nan-Hee (Clara).

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