2015   South Korea Love Forecast
Love Forecast Image Cover
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Director:Jin-pyo Park
Studio:Popcorn Films
Writer:Byung-Heon Lee, Hyun-suk Moon, Jin-pyo Park
IMDb Rating:7.2 (19 votes)
Duration:118 min
Jin-pyo Park  ...  (Director)
Byung-Heon Lee, Hyun-suk Moon, Jin-pyo Park  ...  (Writer)
So-yeon Kim  ...  Jun-su's Ex-girlfriend
Seung-gi Lee  ...  Jun-su
Chae-won Moon  ...  Hyun-woo
Ryu Hwa-Young  ...  Hee-jin
Jung Joon-Young  ...  Hyo-bong
Seo-jin Lee  ...  Dong-jin
Soo Young Park  ...  Minah
Ga-in Son  ...  Junsu's Ex-Girlfriend
Summary: Hyun-woo is a weather reporter known for her stunning looks and class on television. In real life, however, she's a boozehound who can shatter any preconceived notions of her in the blink of an eye. Dong-jin is the married producer Hyun-woo loves. Hyo-bong is a young photographer who falls for Hyun-woo at first sight. At the center of it all is her childhood friend and schoolteacher Jun-su, who has a deep and long simmering love for Hyun-woo. The "love story" of her life now unfolds as she juggles three relationships with three men of different personalities.

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