Bakangseu   2013   South Korea Vacance
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Director:Sun-Uk Park
Studio:Unity Broadcasting Network (UBN)
Writer:Sun-Uk Park
IMDb Rating:3.7 (19 votes)
Duration:87 min
Sun-Uk Park  ...  (Director)
Sun-Uk Park  ...  (Writer)
Bo Ri  ...  Hye-Rin
Sa-Ra You  ...  Soo-In
Ji-woong Wi  ...  Jin-Wi
You Sa-Ra  ...  Soo-In
Comments: Skanky, tattooed, dark-skinned ickies

Summary: A top actress, the daughter-in-law for a wealthy family and an innocent bride to be were once good friends. Someone then threatens to reveal their pasts if they don't seduce three men.

The three men are a photographer, a wealthy man and humorous guy. They have a secret hobby, ordinary people could not understand. By chance, these three men and women meet and they all go on vacation to a paradise like place. But, that is all part of a scheme. Who is behind the scheme?

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