Mu-roe-han   2015   South Korea The Shameless
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Director:Seung-uk Oh
Studio:CGV Arthouse
Writer:Seung-uk Oh
IMDb Rating:6.0 (103 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:118 min
Seung-uk Oh  ...  (Director)
Seung-uk Oh  ...  (Writer)
Do-yeon Jeon  ...  Kim Hye-kyung
Nam-gil Kim  ...  Jung Jae-gon
Seong-Woong Park  ...  Park Joon-gil (as Sung Woong Park)
Young-Wook Jo  ...  Composer
Guk-hyun Kang  ...  Cinematographer
Jae-beom Kim  ...  Editor
Sang-beom Kim  ...  Editor
Comments: Conflicted cop falls for a criminal's lover. Do-yeon Jeon's best performance of 2015. She's the only thing worth noticing in this film we've seen many times. There's one scene where the bad guy with the douche hairdo gets pinned between the cop's car and a fence that's pretty funny, and peculiarly Korean in its coupling of humor and pain. The film fizzles along pretty well as a drama, failing as the cop/thriller/crime flick it appears as.

Summary: In order to capture a mob enforcer, homicide detective Jung befriends his girlfriend, Hye-kyung, only to fall in love with her.

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